Leaving Venezuela 2016

Because the security issue has gotten worse throughout the country, after conversations with our leaders in our missions organization, we have made the decision for the missionaries to leave Venezuela until the country becomes more stable again. At that point we will be able to return.

We have tried to wait it out but unfortunately it has gotten worse. For the safety of the missionary families we have decided we cant wait any longer.

Jazmin, our foundation president will still be here and overseeing the childrens home and the project. Some of our national workers on the farm will help us with the leadership on the farm until we get back.

We are very sad to have to leave at this point, but we feel it is wisdom and God’s leading for us to leave the country temporarily, not permanent.

In June the McClueys and Treis will leave, the middle of July Randy will leave and Patty and I will wrap things up and leave after that.

Please pray for each missionary family as we leave what and who we love as we wait until we can come back.

For all the sponsors, please continue to send your offerings to Samuel’s House. Your offerings are necessary to keep the children’s home operating